What is a maintenance agreement, do I need one?

A recommended contract under which a technician will undertake scheduled call-outs to ensure the system functions correctly.

A maintenance agreement is an optional contract with HDCCTV will offer to you upon completion of an install. It is not mandatory and does not affect your rights under warranty, however it should be strongly considered, especially for a business.

Scheduled maintenance call out will ensure that all equipment is functioning as intended. Typical tasks include:

  • Cleaning of camera lenses.
  • Examination of hardware.
  • Checking the system logs to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Checking the system storage performance.
  • Firmware updates for DVR's and Cameras.
  • Tweaking of the system configuration to optimise recordings.


A maintenance agreement assures you that should an incident occur, that your system will be functioning as intended, allowing you to immediately access it and review any footage captured.